spring training

i did it. 

i registered for not 1 but 2 races.

the training really kicked-off this week.

I’m running with the Dallas Running Club – when i’m not out of town – and using their training plan. 

Here’s what week one looked like.. 
Sunday – 35 min cross train – nice and easy
Monday – 35 min recovery pace run 
Tuesday – 40 min base pace
Wednesday – 30 min recovery 
Thursday – 40 min base + 4 strides 
Friday – REST day (yay!!)
Saturday – 6 mile group run


6 miles!! I hadn’t run, like at all, in about a month. So. Cross train, check, easy, done. Then Monday came and I made it 2.2 miles before I felt some irritation in my IT band. 2.2, good enough for the first run. Tuesday – pouring I mean POURING down cold rain. Treadmill time, no a/c at the gym. IT still not feeling great 1.4 miles walk/run – mostly walk. Decided to push Wednesday’s workout to Thursday morning to let my hip get back to normal. And then just skipped the Friday workout to be well rested (in theory) for the 6 miler Saturday.


I have learned my lesson. If you stop, just stop, running all together. You cannot just pick up where you left off and go. Ugh. The run was not fun. Ended up dropping back a couple pace groups to a slower run/walk group. We’ll see how it goes and hopefully I can move back up. Eventually. 




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