one of Those days

Ever have those days where nothing goes right?

That was today. Work was awful. {I don’t write about the specifics of my job, but it’s retail. it’s 24 hours, it’s healthcare..} Walk in and the overnight staff is working on something, few minutes later it gets passed off to me … after working on it for a couple minutes is comes to my attention it’s the wrong person. FAIL. Fix it, move on. Next thing I get the overnight has had a conversation about already with the patient. Frustration conversation ensues.. I’m pretty sure I do not look or sound like the 60 year old man the lady talked to.10 minutes of dragging everything I need to know out of her later I believe the exact words were “Give me what’s free.”

Umm.. not free, 100% covered?

All morning was like that. You know that thought you have, the one that says your coworkers are morons. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s true for me. Or maybe they’re just really lazy. They couldn’t be this clueless still could they?

So. At lunch I got to call 911 and have the paramedics come get a slow lazy employee when she had a panic attack. She might have been told me speed up her speed a few time today. No, not by me. I just think it. A lot.

Now she gets a week off work. Guess who gets to work more?
Yeah :-/
Overtime though.. so I guess I’ll take it.

5 o’clock finally came and I ran out of there. And home to 2 little dogs… 3 walks and an hour on the couch later it’s gym time. Mile and half run.. was planning for 2 but I’ll take it.

Totals for the day: 9 hours at work, 7 dog walks, 1.5 miles ran .. in running shoes.


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