lazy day

It’s my last day off of this long weekend, 4 days off plus 2 days spent in a training class away from the store has felt like a little mini-vacation. Got up took the dogs out then crawled back in bed for another couple hours and spent some time just being lazy around the house before finally getting dressed and going to workout.

This workout was brutal. All the weights and reps went up on me and my legs are still feeling a little tired from that 4 mile uphill run on Saturday. Usually I feel like I’m going to throw up at the end of the workout, today that feeling started on the second exercise, right about the time I tried to leg press 180 pounds and couldn’t move it, dropped the weight to 140 and did my reps. I’ll get to the 180 eventually .. today just wasn’t the day. I had plans to get in a 2 mile run today too, but decided to give my legs another days rest and run tomorrow.

Now it’s time for a little relaxing before going to the RANGERS game tonight!!

Workout Summary

Rotator ..  10/10  .. 23/25
Leg press .. 80/120/40 .. 23/6/5
Upper back .. 30/50/20 .. 23/6/
Calf .. 40/85/30 .. 23/6/30
Lower back .. 40/80/20 .. 23/6/4
Leg curl .. 40/80/20 .. 23/6/2
Leg extension .. 40/80/20
Arm extension .. 25/55/15
Arm curl .. 10/30/5 .. 23/6/-
Double crunch .. 44/44 .. 23/15
Chest .. 25/45/15 .. 23/4/-
Backpack crunch .. 30/50/20 .. 23/20/-
Glute press 44/44 .. 17/15
Core twist 44/44 .. 7/7



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