emmy emmy .. who are you

Today was a rare day of no running shoes.. Nope not even for 5 min. Flip flops all the way. After yesterdays tough 4 mile run uphill, today was a mostly lazy day other than a little kayaking.

I’m here on the couch watching the Emmy’s and realizing I have never seen an episode of most of these shows.  All the clips I’ve seen look pretty good, but the chances of me actually watching the show… not very good, I’ll forget about it and if I don’t DVR something I won’t watch it.

Anyhow, thought I’d have some fun with some of the nominees (totally stole this idea) with a few emmy themed snacks for those nominated (and some not)

Louic C.K.  … Shrimp Louie

Glee …. slushy

Boardwalk Empire … (shrimp) corn dogs

30 rock … Meatball sub

Big Bang Theory …. cheesecake

Mad Men … Deviled eggs

Kevin Costner (what did he win for?) …. peanuts and popcorn, because no matter what he will always be Ray Kinsella. Always.

(I have not tried any of these recipes.. just went to pinterest and copied links from my pins in all cases expect the mealball sub – that one was found on google)


Did you watch the Emmy’s? What did you snack on while watching?




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